This year, many steps were taken toward the setting up of a functional system for validation of the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired by non-formal or informal learning.

The preparations will be wrapped up in 2019, by a piloting phase, after which, in 2020, the system will be prepared for implementation.

One crucial segment of the setting up is the adjustment and the compliance of the existing legal framework and development of new bylaws pertaining to adult learning, in order to enable the smooth implementation of the measures of the validation process.

Therefore, an expert working group, consisting of representatives of all relevant state institutions, providers of non-formal education and NGO sector, was approved by the Minister of Education and science.

This working group managed to scan and revise the existing legal framework and define all changes, adjustments and additions which are necessary to be made in the context of the Validation of non-formal and informal learning. Outcome of the work of this body is a draft version of the legal amendments.

This process was supported by Lifelong Learning Center, in the context of partner cooperation with the Public Institution Adult Education Center for 2018 and is a segment of the project "Supporting Adult Education in transformation countries and in the region of Southeast Europe, Caucasus and Turkey" financed by DVV International from Bonn, FR Germany.


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