Lifelong Learning Center - Skopje, with the support of DVV International, Bonn, FR Germany within the support to the partner institution Adult Eductaion Center Skopje organized and hosted the 5 – day training for the future Assessors of candidates for validation of skills, knowledge and competences. Assessment is the 3rd in the process, which consists of following phases: Identification, documentation, assessment and certification. The aim of this training was to strengthen the capacities of experts in the fields of hospitality and tourism and construction.  

Anni Karttunen, Education Policy specialist and expert with broad experience with validation in Finland and in Europe in general, led and conducted the training. 

In the frames of this training, the participants gained knowledge about the main concepts of Validation of nonformal and informal skills, as well as about the importance and benefits of this process, the state of art of the national system for VNFIL in Macedonia. Special focus in this training was put on the role of the Assessor in the process and on the approach, process, tools for successful implementation of Phase 3, in order to strengthen the capacities and abilities of the participants for professional and efficient conduction of the process of assessment.

The evaluation showed that the participants are very satisfied with the content and methods of the training.

With this measure, Lifelong Learning Center contributed toward the setting up and successful introduction of a functional system for Validation of skills, knowledge and competences acquired through non-formal and/or informal learning in Macedonia in 2019.

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